Registration to European PRM Board Examination

Dear colleague, Fellow of the European PRM Board or PRM Trainee,

We would like to announce that the deadline for early registration for the European Board Exam (BEx) (to be held on November 27, 2020) has been extended to June 20 (previously June 10).

Early registration is noteworthy because it will help the dozens of PRM trainees eager to explore the benefit of the exam simulator (e.g. Questions and Answers of the PRM Board exams in years 2009 – 2013).

Candidates who will complete the application – registration procedure for the examination (including the validation of the registration file by the National Manager) until June 20, will receive by the end of June detailed instructions by email, in order to access the examination simulator and get familiar with the examination platform. Candidates who will complete application-registration procedure thereafter will receive instructions and access to the exam simulator by the end of October.

We believe that candidates for the BEx would value this significant opportunity.

We would like to request you to encourage potential candidates not to miss the opportunity for early registration in order to get better prepared for the BEx.

Thank you very much for your collaboration for the BEx.

To apply, visit this website.

Aydan Oral, MD and Board Certification Secretary

Svensk Förening för Rehabiliteringsmedicin